Coop Mimosa

Becoming a member

Mimosa’s aim is to increasingly involve its staff, giving them the chance to be more than just a workforce, but to become real partners. Being a member of Mimosa means being actively involved in the Cooperative’s democratic life, contributing your own ideas and having a say in company decisions.

Being a member

Being a member carries certain responsibilities:

  • To make available your own skills and work regarding the activity carried out
  • To observe the Statute, rules and decisions of the social body
  • Not to carry out working activities that are in competition with the Cooperative

Being a member offers benefits:

  • Taking part in the General Assembly and the elections for social duties within the Cooperative
  • Having sight of the accounts
  • Benefitting from any end of year dividends
  • Contributing to the “Members’ Project” and corporate welfare policy
  • Taking advantage of the special deals and discounts reserved for members of the Cooperative

PROJECT PARTNERS 2018: discounts and conventions

20% to 40% discount of on all products.
Free consultancy and assistance for products and accidents, even for policies acquired from other companies.

5% contribution towards
the Tagesmutter service fees.

20% discount on the fixed annual subscription.

Buon Consiglio Castle: € 8.00
Beseno Castle: € 5.00
Stenico Castle: € 5.00
Thun Castle: € 6.00
Caldes Castle: free
Combined ticket for 5 castles: € 15.00

5% discount on services for members and their family.
Centres with agreements with Coop Health.

Discount for members, their family and relatives.
25% on low season rates.
20% on mid season rates.
5% on high season rates.

Via San Tomaso, 47/A tel. 0464/871257
15 % discount on services
for members and their family (products are not included)

Via Maffei, 14 tel. 0464/552285
10% discount on prints and photographs
for members and their family.

Via Stella,12 tel. 045/2211545
10% discount on clothing (accessorizes are not included)
for members and their family.

Sconto del 8% sulle prestazioni per soci,
previa presentazione della tessera.

(for members and their family who are registered in the “Members Book” since at least 6 months)
€ 500 for members and their family who graduate (5 years degree) with a minimum grade of 105/110.
€ 350 for members and their family who graduate (bachelor of 3 years) with a minimum grade of 100/110.
€ 250 for members and their families who gain a high school diploma with a minimum grade of 85/100.
€ 100 for the family of members who gain a middle school grade of a minimum of “Distinction.”

Birth voucher
€100 for members to use at a “Chicco” shop
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Fuel voucher
€25 voucher to be used at the Eni petrol stations that accept electronic fuel vouchers (BCE).
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Not a member yet and would like to become one?

Fill in the application form and hand it in at our offices or send it to us by email or fax.
The Board of Directors will evaluate your request, and if approved you will receive an official communication from us informing you of your acceptance as a member.
The minimum contribution is €51.00 which will be fully reimbursed in the event of the termination of employment.