Coop Mimosa


Mimosa draws inspiration from the principals of sustainable development and integration between tourism and the local area, having adopted this management model right from the start: respect for the environment, the opportunity to create contact with nature and local culture, careful attention to the level of personalisation of the services offered and the integration of the whole “holiday” experience in the broadest sense of well-being and quality of life.

Mimosa’s objective is to provide solutions able to satisfy the need to be competitive in the marketplace and at the same time provide a product that has evolved in terms of quality and compatibility with the latest trends, whilst fully respecting the environment.

Since the mid 1990s, Mimosa has been managing the Brione Campsite in Riva del Garda, one of the few four star campsites in the Trentino province and therefore representing added value for the Upper Garda area and for the staff who work there. It is set in a hundred year old olive grove, just a few steps away from the lake, and is the ideal destination for those who wish to spend their holidays in the open air, in contact with nature and where the beauty of the lake can be fully enjoyed without sacrificing the comfort of a campsite equipped with every possible facility. The area is very large, boasting 120 pitches of varying dimensions as well as the 15 wooden chalets that were added in 2006, for those looking for their creature comforts, yet still in direct contact with nature. Clients come, not only from Italy, but also from North Europe, and especially from Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland and the Czech Republic.

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Manager: Enzo Ferrari