Coop Mimosa


Mimosa boast over thirty years of experience in the cleaning, sanitary and hygiene business, as well as the provision of specific services in both public and private environments.

Our staff are highly specialised and constantly up-dated by means of specific courses and the latest training programmes: they have access to equipment, machinery and products for every possible need or surface, that comply with prevailing laws and certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 N.108 QM and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 N.108 EM.
Mimosa offers cleaning services for a wide variety of premises:

  • Public Bodies (school buildings, gyms, offices and council buildings, museums and galleries)
  • Health Care Premises (hospitals, clinics, care homes, doctors’ surgeries)
  • Commercial businesses (offices, shopping centres, supermarkets, shops, banks, show rooms, warehouses, restaurants and company canteens)
  • Tourist accommodation, hotels and other (B&B, residences, rooms for let, holiday homes, hostels) and outdoor resorts (campsites, holiday villages, holiday parks)
  • Exhibition and conference centres (conference and exhibition halls)
  • Airports & Stations
  • Spas, gyms and fitness centres.

Manager: Paolo Sartoris