Coop Mimosa

The Cooperative


It is 12th July 1980. Take twelve women. This is the start of a cooperative.

For ten years or so, these twelve women dedicated their time entirely to the domestic cleaning business until, in the early nineties, they laid down the foundations of that, which still today, is at the core of Mimosa: the premises changed, a new board of directors was appointed and, above all, the operating area expanded significantly. Right from the very beginning, the key objective of Mimosa’s operations has always been the desire to provide businesses and institutions with efficient and effective services that meet the market’s demands, simultaneously guaranteeing and developing the added social value for which the cooperative was created, where clients and the community alike are at the very heart of our mission and the professionalism and aspirations of our members and staff are enhanced.


It has been an experience. 35 years have passed. We now have a whole range of services.

Day after day, Mimosa builds on its leadership in terms of quality service, providing prompt and personalised solutions to meet a vast array of demands. These days, numerous clients enjoy the Cooperative’s wide range of services, safe in the knowledge that they can count on a flexible, efficient organisation and on motivated, capable staff, able to satisfy their needs constructively. Mimosa’s efficiency and effectiveness are the result on-going training and efforts to keep up-to-date: a carefully planned staff development policy results in high quality service.


It is early 2015. We have a notion. It’s all about values.

The time has come for Mimosa to pursue improvement of its mission: to enhance its values in terms of sensitivity and contribution to a sustainable environment. The key objective is to become the major partner for services, accommodation and sustainable supply, promoting a structure based on goals, choices and concrete actions; such are the historical facts, culture and mission of Mimosa. Our close relationship with Habitech, The Trentino Technological Area for Energy and the Environment goes back a long way and is proof of the Cooperative’s conviction and desire to conduct all its activities with respect for the safeguarding of the environment.
Furthermore, Mimosa has launched a “Member project” with the aim of broadening the social base of the Cooperative and inviting greater involvement from those who are already members, giving a large number of workers the chance to be key players in the company’s business, providing them with both tangible and intangible concrete support. Mimosa’s interests lie in bringing together the financial and market aspect with the needs of the workers, whose contribution continues to consolidate this corporate reality. Mimosa is an associate of the Trentina Federation and the National Alliance of Cooperatives and is part of the Trento Work Environment Consortium and the Consortium of Fairs & Congress Services.

The Board of Directors is made up as follows:

  • Chairman: Floriano Migliorini
  • Vice Chairman: Lucio Matteotti
  • Counsellors: Daniela Zanella – Renato Demurtas – Gianbattista Meggetto

At the old “Masera” in Riva del Garda, the administration centre of the Cooperative carries out its coordination and management activities, guaranteeing the link between very different sectors.

The administration centre is made up of the following offices:

  • GENERAL MANAGER – Manager, Daniela Zanella
  • BIDS OFFICE – Manager, Elena Bosio
  • COMMUNICATION OFFICE – Manager, Ilaria Iachemet
  • PURCHAISING OFFICE – Manager, Marco Ferrari
  • HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE – Manager, Katia Simonetti